Kristen StewartKristen Stewart actually got her start in the movie “Panic Room” in which she starred with Oscar-winner Jodie Foster.

Born in 1990, the 19 year-old actress has recently exploded onto the scene for her role as Bella Swan in the extremely popular “Twilight” movie series.

Following Panic Room Stewart appeared in movies such as Cold Creek Manor in which she played the daughter of Sharon Stone and Dennis Quaid. The film Cold Creek Manor basically failed at the general box office. Shortly thereafter Kristen appeared in movies such as Catch That Kid and Undertow.

Many people know Kristen for her role in the made for television movie in 2004, Speak.  While Stewart had very few speaking lines in the movie she played the role of a raped teenager going through recovery extremely well and received much praise for her acting in that movie.

Following Speak, Kristen Stewart also appeared in Zathura, Fierce People and the horror/suspense movie The Messengers.

In 2007 Stewart appeared in the romantic drama In the Land of Women. Meg Ryan and Adam Brody were also present in ‘In the Land of Women’.

Shortly thereafter Stewart was in Sean Penn’s critically acclaimed film ‘Into the Wild’. Stewart played Tracy who had an immense crush on the traveler Christopher McCandless in the movie.

In 2007 Stewart’s huge break came when she was chosen to star opposite Robert Pattison in the hugely popular “Twilight” which was the first of a 4-part book series by Stephenie Meyer. For her role as Bella Swan in “Twilight” Kristen Stewart was nominated and awarded as the MTV Movie Award’s Best Female Performance for the year of 2008.

As her role as Bella Swan, Stewart plays an angst-ridden teenager who falls hopelessly in love with Edward Cullen, the romantic and gorgeously handsome vampire.

The movie “Twilight” is the first in the series and “New Moon” is the second which is being released shortly. The next two books, “Eclipse” and “Breaking Dawn” are also scheduled to begin filming so Kristen Stewart has incredible job stability to say the least.

In her personal life Stewart says she also wants to go to college and would like to look into becoming a writer. She loves what she does as an actress but she also states she wants to do more with her life.

Stewart is also a singer and she plays the guitar.


  1. I love kristen.i’m a big big fan of her.she’s so young and beautiful.i really liked her role as Bella Swan in Twilight.The chemistry between her and robert pattinson is awesome.Thanks for the post.Love it!


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