While Helena Christensen has taken the Elle UK cover for January, both Lady Gaga and comeback pop princess Britney Spears nab the spot for next month’s American Elle.

Britney appears with her two adorable boys, Sean Preston and Jayden James. She’s chosen her return at a tricky time, as a new blonde bombshell has taken the throne. Lady Gaga is turning out number one hits on the Billboard charts with unstoppable momentum.

Will Britney forever be labeled a once-upon-a-time-teen queen, or can she really compete with America’s new favorite girl?


check out a A comparative look at two iconic blondes.


  1. I find Britney Spears really beautiful and strong in character- the kind of person I need.She is also strong, seeing where she is from-relationships and the likes.It takes a very strong willed person to get through that .Congrats Britney and keep it up!


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