avatarAn action oriented Sci-fi movie “Avatar” with a cinematic risk budget of $150 million is directed by James Cameron who directed fabulous movies like “Titanic”.

The story revolves around the moon “Pandora” which is inhabited by blue colored skin tribal Na’vi who is peaceful and calm unless attacked. Humans wanted to know about them but they can’t have that Pandora air.

They found a solution to this problem by making hybrids of android race Na’vi and human called “Avatars” to send to that moon surface in search of valuable minerals.

A paralyzed Marine named Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) volunteers to exist as an Avatar on Pandora, faced many beauties and dangers on the Pandora and thereby eventually falling in love with Na’vi princess “Neytri” whose beauty is surpassed only by her ferocity in battle.

When the humans start exploitation on Pandora, Na’vi’s are all set to fight and the Jake is all in between human military and the navi’s. He has to choose side in an epic battle which will decide the future of entire world.

The movie is set to release on 18th December, 2009 and LG as one of the movie’s tie in partner has signed a venture for the video game of “Avatar” with companies Gamesoft and Ubisoft. James Cameron wrote the script a long time ago, but had to wait for right technology to catch up to his thoughts and fulfill his dream project.


  1. I really like James Cameron’s direction.Titanic was wonderful movie with awesome 3d effects.I think Avatar is going to be the best movie ever!I’m very much thrilled to watch it!can’t wait anymore!


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