What are your opinions on relationships?

Is fidelity a key ingredient to a happy relationship?  What about trust?  Most people feel that without trust there is nothing.  Without fidelity, where is the trust factor?

Apparently Brangelina (at least the Angelina part) do not hold these to be important things in their relationship.  Angelina made a statement recently to that very effect.  She implied that if she or Brad wanted something on the side that it would not be a big deal.

This isn’t the only sign that they are on a bumpy road with regards to their relationship. Angelina recently wanted to add another child to their brood of 6.  Yes, 6 children between the ages of 8 and 1.  Even with nannies, maids and all of the rest of the crew, that is a lot of work.  Apparently Brad thought so too and said no more.

They are still going out together, but instead of dancing and having a good time with each other and their friends, they sat at their table quietly.  This is what happened right before Madonna and Guy broke up too.  Is Brangelina on the verge of a big split?

Source : Mirror


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