Lucy LiuShe may be most well-known for her role as an Angel in “Charlie’s Angels” however lately she is also well-known for being solely responsible for bringing her sister and another journalist home safely from being held captive overseas.

However there are a few other things you most likely didn’t know about Lucy Liu that make this adorable and sweet celeb even more likable! Outkast certainly caught on to the Liu-appeal back in the early 2000s when they put a shout-out to her in their song ‘Hey Ya!”.

Did you know that Lucy Liu plays the accordion? In fact when she was in the series Ally McBeal Lucy would play with former Ally costar Greg Germann. Liu told Playboy magazine the accordion is a part of her.

Many people do not know that Lucy Liu is an ambassador for the charitable organization UNICEF. Liu isn’t as public about her charitable works as many of the other celebs in Hollywood are. Liu has single-handedly helped raise nearly $300,000 in her role as a UNICEF Celebrity Ambassador.

When Lucy was growing up her parents spoke only Mandarin to the family. It wasn’t until Lucy’s older sister went to public school that the family began speaking English.


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