rumer willisRumer Willis isn’t really famous for anything, except being famous. Rumer has three parents who are more famous than anything.

You have to respect Rumer for being in the limelight during some of her most awkward years as well as being compared to late night talk show and comedian Jay Leno.

After being named one of People Magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful people in 2008 Rumer was beside herself with shock because she has been compared to Jay Leno for so long and she never thought herself ‘100 most beautiful people’ worthy.

How did Bruce and Demi Moore come up with the name for their first-born daughter? Rumer got her name from Rumer Godden who is a British novelist. Her full name is Rumer Glenn Willis. Her middle name Glenn comes from Bruce’s good friend and executive producer of the Moonlighting series Glenn Gordon Caron.

After Rumer was born Demi and Bruce moved Rumer and her two other sisters Scout LaRue and Tallulah Belle to a ranch in Idaho; a small ranch in a village near Hailey Idaho.

Bruce Willis is Rumer’s over-protective father and has made news lately in regards to his parenting to Rumer. Bruce hired bodyguards for Rumer to protect her against boys. Bruce even said to People Magazine that he said to Rumer’s bodyguards “if anything happens to one of my daughters, I’m coming to you first- and then I’m going to kill all your friends right in front of you.”

Must be nice having teen heartthrob Ashton Kutcher for a step-dad as well although maybe somewhat awkward being that all of Rumer’s friends would be drooling over her step-father.

In fact, for her 16th birthday Rumer celebrated at Ashton Kutcher’s condo with a Moulin-Rouge themed party. Must be even nicer to celebrate your Sweet 16 with your friends at Ashton Kutcher’s place!

So what entertainment and screen projects has Rumer been involved with? She had a tiny role in the light-hearted drama Now and Then. Shortly after having her tiny part in Now and Then, Rumer was also in Striptease in which her mom played a stripper. Awkward?

Currently Rumer is reportedly in a relationship with Micah Alberti. They have been dating since 2008. A past relationship of Rumer’s was with Rafi Gavron whom she dated in 2007.


  1. i think the real reason she is famous is her parents ..she’s beautiful in that pic!She looks like a combination of her mother who is gorgeous and her father who is handsome.


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