We are so used to know the actors we love so often put on a pedestal, playing Oscar winning roles that we are amazed to see new faces on the cover of celebrity magazines, smiling after a wonderful performance in certain movies.

robert pattinsonI personally was pretty wide eyed facing the publicity campaign around the movie “Twilight” and the young actors playing in it.

I remember Robert Pattinson from the role of Cedric in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire”. He wasn’t much younger when he played it but the girls didn’t notice him then.

It took a romantic vampire role to bring him into public’s attention as a sex symbol with crazy hairstyle and to be declared one of the most beautiful people in the world.

No wonder that the young actor makes fun of his overnight celebrity.

I really like Daniel Radcliffe, only 18 but very talented and much more than “the boy who played Harry Potter”. Although that particular role brought him an outstanding celebrity the young Daniel stayed away from scandals and reached adolescence untouched by the temptation of drugs and over partying ,being in fact an example for the youth of today.

daniel radcliffeThe most outrageous act he did was playing naked on stage in “Equus” the role of a young man with a disturbing passion for horses. I honestly believe this was just him trying to prove his talent and this career move made him even more famous.

One of the most famous young actresses, both fashion icon and almost diva in spite of her young 22 years is Keira Knightley.

I remember seeing this British beauty in the first movie from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series. She was quite new to Hollywood then and that role made her the dream of every man on Earth.

Not only that her pretty face kept the cover of the magazines ever since but she proved herself as an actress in many different roles, and remained an elegant and classy appearance in the showbiz world. She is so talented, so beautiful and so much of an example that you can’t possibly envy her.

scarletSame age, a different kind of talent, with a more voluptuous body but a very nice and shy disposition, Scarlet Johansson is another one of the beauties of Hollywood.

Very talented, always amiable and smiling, the young blonde is an example of elegance and style. Almost always in the spotlight and being compared as beauty with Marilyn Monroe, Scarlet is the nice girl, very temperate in statements, polite and amiable, simply a gem among the movie stars.

When looking at this generation of actors I can’t help but thinking how different they are from the sacred monsters of cinematography as our parents use to know them, and I have to admit that every generation has its wonderful idols in life but even more on the wide screen.



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