maggie gyllenhaalMost of us probably had no idea that Maggie Gyllenhaal comes from a line long of distinguished actors and actresses. Maggie and her brother Jake were born to parents Stephen Gyllenhaal who was a director and mother Naomi Foner, a Golden Globe winning screenwriter.

Naomi and Stephen and family were living in New York then moved the family to Los Angeles and enrolled Jake in Harvard-Westlake School.

Maggie’s first piece of the screen came when she worked on Waterland which her father directed.

Maggie claims she had difficulties getting into entertainment that wasn’t family related and that she never felt beautiful or sexy, only awkward. This led Maggie to feelings of pain and confusion.

Maggie had her first official break when she worked on the cult classic Donnie Darko with her brother Jake and a year later in 2002 she had her major breakthrough in the title role in the movie ‘Secretary’. It was Secretary that put Maggie in the limelight. Secretary was a quirky S&M love story that didn’t really go main stream but the independent movie crowd loved it.

Later Maggie had a big role in Mona Lisa Smile which also started Kirsten Dunst who was Maggie’s brother Jake’s girlfriend at the time. Mona Lisa Smile also gave Maggie her first shot at working with an extremely famous actress in Julia Roberts. Maggie played the role of a birth-control taking student in the 1950s.

Earning Maggie a Golden Globe nod was her part as an ex-convict and emotionally handicapped woman in Sherrybaby.

In 2006 Maggie gave birth to daughter Romana with boyfriend Peter Sarsgaard. The two were married in 2009 in Italy shortly after the release of Maggie’s indie-move blockbuster debut in The Dark Knight.

So what did Maggie dream of being as a little girl if she didn’t follow in her parents’ footsteps in the entertainment world? Maggie always wanted to put together a band and be a singer. Recently however Maggie was quoted as saying she finds actresses who sing to be annoying so she won’t try to live out that fantasy. We thank you for that Maggie because actresses who sing are annoying.

A little known fact about Maggie is that she received her undergraduate degree from Columbia University. Another little known and interesting fact is that one of Maggie’s professors was Uma Thurman’s father, Professor Robert Thurman.


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