kelly clarksonThank you Kelly Clarkson for admitting you are proud of and in love with your butt.

For every celebrity with some booty that makes it socially acceptable to love her body and not be in the process of trying to get rid of it through eating disorders, plastic surgery or obsessive fitness regimens you make it easier for every woman above size 6 to stay the way they are.

Kelly, who was the original American Idol winner and has such hits as “Since you’ve been gone” and “I do not hook up” has been an icon to the tweens as well as at the top of the adult contemporary charts for years now.

Kelly claims she is flat-chested and not embarrassed and therefore will love and embrace her voluptuous gluteus maximus.

Other stars throughout the years have come forward and admitted to being happy with their ‘fuller’ figures. Some of these celebrities are America Ferrera, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Winslet and Eva Mendes. Although, will these stars eventually give in to the pressures of Hollywood to be thin and forget about their happiness with their curves? For the women in the real world who are fuller-figured, let’s hope not.


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