Kate Plus 8As we all know, it was Jon and Kate Plus 8 for several seasons and now, we are supposed to accustom ourselves to simply Kate Plus 8.

Representatives for the ex-couple have let it be known there is no way Jon can be a part of the filming as their divorce has been increasingly becoming more messy.

For example the couples’ twins Cara and Mady just celebrated their 9th birthday and the ex-couple couldn’t even agree on how to allow both mom and dad to spend the day with their daughters.

For any child of divorce or any victim of divorce in their own life it’s not difficult to remember how hard it is when people can’t celebrate occasions together.

Reports state Kate wasn’t too amicable about allowing Jon to see his girls on their birthday. Kate and Jon have been going through child custody battles for months now. Kate says being a single mother at age 34 is much more difficult than anyone could ever imagine.

Jon stated he was going to apologize to Kate if he had been allowed to see the girls but Kate wouldn’t allow that. Jon said Kate didn’t want to hear his apology.


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