gisele bundchenSuper model Gisele Bundchen will soon have a new role in her celebrity; as United Nations Ambassador in the environmental field. The cause, environmentalism, is very close and dear to Gisele. She received a call from the UN asking her to fill this position and as Gisele states, she was very happy to do so.

Her role as UN Ambassador in the field of environment will be primarily to educate people in regards to the climate change going on in our world.

Gisele shared with the public at the UN event why she was involved in the environment and what prompted it to become a cause that is dear to her heart.

In August 2003 Gisele was in the Xingu area of the Amazon with an Indian tribe. It was during that week that Gisele heard the children and parents discussing how they were scared to drink the water because they kept getting sick from it. This was because the water was so horribly polluted.

After some reading and research Gisele learned the waters in this area of the Amazon were so polluted because pesticides were being dumped into the waters. The fish were also very sick and dying. Gisele didn’t understand why nothing was being done about the pollution of the water especially when those waters were the primary drinking water source for an entire Indian tribe.

Since it seemed no one else was doing anything else, Gisele began to blog about her experiences and began to give environmental tips on her blog. Shortly thereafter, the super model began a not for profit group and charity she calls Agua Limpa.

The goal and purpose of Agua Limpa is to plant trees along the waterfront in the Amazon. By planting trees they can gradually begin to purify the water.

Gisele said the fact that she is pregnant and going to give birth to a child who will have to live in this world has also motivated her to take action. Gisele said she is concerned about the kind of Earth and planet her unborn child will inherit from us. We should all take responsibility for the planet by doing our part to clean it up.

Gisele continues to post advice, tips, recommendations and blogs about her experiences as an environmentalist on her web site.

Gisele and the United Nation’s Environmental Program aim to educate people around the globe as well as provide techniques for people to beginning clean up now.


  1. Gisele has done a lot of environmental work over the past couple of years.It’s always nice to see celebrities use their fame for a good cause. Gisele looks amazing!


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