miley cyrusOk now that we have all had several weeks to get past the ‘stripper pole’ incident at the Teen Choice music awards show, we need to seriously sit down and realize the talent of Miley Cyrus.

She began her career on the Disney smash hit show ‘Hannah Montana’ and ironically the life of her character Hannah Montana completely mirrored her own life; a regular girl who is a huge pop star on the outside. Hannah Montana was the most watched show on cable for kids mostly in part to the father-daughter team of Miley and Billy.

Born in 1992 to country western music star and heart throb Billy Ray Cyrus most known for ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ Miley comes from Nashville Tennessee. Ironically, Miley’s fans have no idea of the stardom level of her father as they are too young. Most likely Miley’s fans parents know the stardom that Billy Ray Cyrus climbed to.

The story behind her name ‘Miley’ is interesting; her family called her Smiley for the first several years of her life because apparently she was an extremely happy child. Smiley soon went to Miley and it stuck and that is how she got her name, Miley.



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