katie holmesRemember back in the 90s when everyone wanted the ‘Jennifer Aniston’? Stylists and hair salons could not keep up with the raging trend for the long and layered shaggy look that Jennifer Aniston sported as her character ‘Rachel’ in the cult classic sitcom ‘Friends’.

Well now it seems Jennifer Aniston is back again and so is Kim Kardashian. Aniston and Kardashian sport somewhat of the same cut these days with slight differences.

If you are debating what to cut your hair like and you soon have an appointment with your hairdresser keep in mind the main difference is Aniston’s curly and shaggy longer layered look is parted on the side while Kardashian’s is parted more in the middle. Other than that the hair styles are pretty similar and pretty much the same thing.

Another popular look recently that salons are being asked for is Katie Holmes’s look. The wife of Tom Cruise and better half of ‘TomKat’ is bringing back the bob. So when you visit your hairstylist and tell her you want ‘The Holmes’ she may agree to give you a bob; it’s all the same thing.



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