lindsay lohanLindsay Lohan currently may be most well known for going to rehab twice and being arrested for drunk driving and possession of cocaine all before the age of 21.

In situations like this, she might need the expertise of a San Diego Drunk Driving Attorney.

Lohan is probably also well known for her apparent bi-sexuality and the fact that neither she nor her family has ever breeched that topic. Lohan has dated men such as Aaron Carter and most recently dated women such as Samantha Ronson.

  1. Lindsay got her start at age three. Lindsay was contacted by Ford Modeling Agency when she was three years old and in the years to follow she appeared in more than 60 commercials. The commercials Lindsay starred in ranged from Pizza Hut, Wendy’s and she appeared in commercials with Bill Cosby for Jell-o.  Later in childhood Lindsay modeled for Abercrombie and Fitch clothing as well as Calvin Klein Kids. Her first TV role was in the soap opera Another World where she played Alli Fowler.
  2. Lindsay really blew up and off the charts when she appeared as twins Hallie and Annie in The Parent Trap which was produced by Disney. The role(s) in The Parent Trap won her the Young Actress Award for Best Leading Actress in a Feature Film. A huge compliment came out of Lohan’s experiences filming The Parent Trap when director of the film, Nancy Meyers compared Lohan to Diane Keaton. Immediately following The Parent Trap Lohan signed a three-year contract with Disney and the following years brought her parts in Disney films Life Size and Get a Clue.
  3. A little known fact about Lohan is that she was initially offered Rachel McAdams part in Mean Girls. Lohan declared she couldn’t be that mean on screen yet because it would surely turn off her young fan base and overall audience.
  4. Lohan’s favorite meal when traveling is chicken fingers from the Holiday Inn.
  5. Apparently Lindsay is known for just breaking out into push-ups and her surroundings have no bearing on this. Lohan claims doing push-ups is her favorite fitness regimen and therefore she will just drop and do 20 whenever the urge occurs to her.
  6. In 2005 Lohan purchased her first real estate of ‘mansion’ definition. She purchased a 2100 square foot condo off Sunset Strip for nearly $2 million. However, Lindsay never moved into her new property.



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