elizabeth hasselbeckShe got her start to fame and stardom as a contestant on the reality TV show ‘Survivor’. And what Survivor brought to Hasselbeck was far more than 15 minutes of fame. What Hasselbeck got from Survivor was a lifetime of fame, money and security in a rough and tumble recessive economy.

Hasselbeck was a contestant in the 2001 season of Survivor: The Australian Outback. A fun fact in regards to her experience on the reality show is that the luxury item Hasselbeck chose to have with her was a homemade headdress that she wore for good luck.

Immediately after the conclusion of Survivor, Hasselbeck was offered hosting gigs and on-air personality jobs. She began with a Style Network hosting position and then landed the most sought-after co-hosting spot for women; The View.

Fans of Survivor weren’t quite aware of Hasselbeck’s extreme right political views but her Republican stance became completely apparent as she began to host The View.

Hasselbeck in fact oftentimes clashed with her more liberal co-hosts on the show. Barry Manilow was scheduled as a guest of the show but cancelled when he learned the right-wing conservative would be interviewing him.

Elizabeth is married to TV sports commentator and football analyst for ESPN; Tim Hasselbeck.

On pregnancy: Hasselbeck, who has celiac disease promoted some gluten-free smoothie recipes recently. The recipes were given to her by nutritionist Ashley Koff. She mixes bananas and flaxseed, almond milk and berries. Hasselbeck claims they are wonderful. Too bad she just discovered them now, during her third pregnancy.

Also on pregnancy, Hasselbeck and new mom-to-be pregnant celeb actress Shenae Grimes have been attending fashion shows recently at the QVC Returns to Fashion Week. The show was in New York City’s Bryant Park.

On life: Hasselbeck recently was quoted as saying “I call myself the Dairy Queen”. Hasselbeck said this on The View while speaking of her two-month old son and his eating habits.

On Celiac disease: Hasselbeck claims she is a fan of gluten free and sugar free thinkThin bars. She says they have more than 20 grams of protein and are filling, perfect for her small intestine’s inability to tolerate gluten products.

On celebs: Recently Lil Wayne appeared on The View, which Elizabeth Hasselbeck co-hosts. Reportedly Hasselbeck asked Lil Wayne, in regards to his gold teeth, if he could brush them.


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