david cookFor Missourians, Blue Springs is just a regular blue-collar town at the southeast corner of Kansas City. It was just a regular blue-collar town however that average and typical town is now on the map.

David Cook is the pride and joy of Blue Springs, Missouri. Although he wasn’t born in Missouri, his family moved him there shortly after his birth in Houston Texas in 1982.

David was the middle son between his older brother Adam and his younger brother Andrew. David and his brothers were as close as can be but more than that, David and his older brother Adam were as close as any brothers can be. It was Andrew who encouraged David to attend the American Idol tryouts with him and ironically it was David who made the cut and ultimately became our American Idol.

Andrew began fighting cancer in the late 1990s. Tragically, shortly after David was participating in American Idol his brother passed from his brain tumor. On May 3rdof 2009 while hosting the 12th Annual Race for Hope 5k as grand marshal, Cook announced the tragic death of his beloved brother, Adam.



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