amy winehouseOk so we have heard all about Amy Winehouse and rehab, Amy Winehouse and Blake-Fielder-Civil and their exotic and physically aggressive ways, Amy Winehouse and her alcohol and drugs, and Amy Winehouse and her incredible songwriting skills. Speaking of alcohol, Amy’s favorite alcoholic drink is what she calls the ‘Rickstasy.’ The Rickstasy consists of three parts vodka, one part banana liqueur, one part Southern Comfort and one part of Bailey’s Irish Crème.

But there are, however many things you probably do not know about Amy Winehouse because all the media concentration seems to be on these above things.

Amy is only 5’2”. She looks much taller in performances and interviews because she wears stilettos and high heels at all times. Oh yeah, and because of that towering beehive that she has. The beehive, Amy claims is usually at least six inches high. Yes Amy definitely seems much taller than her petite and tiny 5’2”.

At the age of 12 Amy became part of the prestigious Sylvia Young Theater School.

Winehouse may be most well known for her album Back to Black which was mostly inspired by on-again-off again beau Blake. The album was brutally honest and almost a confessional. Back to Black sold more than 3.3 million copies. The album was most well known for the hit single ‘Rehab.’

Shortly after her album sky rocketed in popularity she was hospitalized for a drug overdose. Shortly after her stint in the hospital she reconciled with Blake who was at that time married.

Not months after her being hospitalized Winehouse won 5 Grammy Awards. She won Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best New Artist.

Besides all of these facts that you have most likely heard splattered all over the media, did you know that Winehouse as a child wanted to be a waitress on roller-skates.

Inspired by the 80s rap group Salt n Pepa, at age 10 Winehouse and her best friend started their own rap group they called Sweet n Sour. Amy once told the London Observer that she was, of course, Sour.

In an interview with Rolling Stone Amy told of how she got a tattoo of Betty Boop at the young age of 15. It was at that point that Amy’s parents realized they had lost control of their daughter and that from then on she would pretty much do whatever she wanted to.



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