Chris Brown And RihannaThe incident is old news. And the fact that Rihanna apparently cannot get over Chris Brown and would spend time with him if given the chance is, unfortunately not a surprise.

Chris was found guilty of assault on Rihanna after an awards show in February 2009. Pictures of Rihanna leaked to the public and horrified her fans.

So what about the fact that the judge ordered Chris to stay away from Rihanna for five years? And, if they are in the same venue for entertainment profession purposes he is to stay at least 100 yards away from her.

In a Los Angeles federal courtroom on August 26, 2009, Chris looked very solemn while dressed in his pinstripe suit. The judge handed Chris a sentence of six months of community service in addition to the restraining order to stay away from his true love, Rihanna, for five years.

When Chris originally went to court in February of this year, he was given a sentence of five years of probation, an undisclosed amount of fines, a year of domestic violence ‘rehabilitation’ classes and community service in Virginia which is his home state.



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