kanye westDid you catch the VMA’s last Sunday night? Even if you didn’t catch the live broadcast of the VMAs and you haven’t yet caught one of the 24-hour a day round-the-clock re-airings of the VMAs you have obviously heard of Kanye’s inappropriate and mind-blowing tactics at the 2009 VMAs on Sunday September 13th.

When Taylor Swift was announced the winner of the 2009 MTV VMAs “Best Female Video” for her song and video “You Belong With Me” she didn’t even have a chance to thank anyone much less her fans before rude and crude Kanye bombarded the stage and swiftly took the mike away from Taylor.

Initially crowds were cheering Kanye on most likely due to the fact they had no idea what was going on. Kanye went on to say that Beyonce had the best video of the year for her “All the Single Ladies” song and video.

Reps for Beyonce’s camp say immediately after Taylor Swift’s next performance they were waiting outside Swift’s dressing room to apologize profusely and inquire as to anything that could be done to make the situation better for Swift.

Swift apparently was most disappointed she was unable to thank her fans so Beyonce gave her the chance to do so later in the award show.


  1. That wasn’t sincere at all.He’s very rude and impolite!i hate him for this.Taylor is very talented and she deserve to get an award for You Belong With Me.The lyrics were good.


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