paula abdulWhat exactly happened with Paula Abdul and American Idol? What caused their breakup? Was Paula not offered another contract, or was she offered a contract but just not at the figure she was expecting? Was there jealousy involved because Simon was offered nearly three times her salary?

One report is that it was Paula who decided not to return to American Idol on her own. She twittered that she will miss nurturing the new talent and playing the ‘mom’ of the show next to Simon’s abrasive personality and techniques.

The report that Paula chose not to return was released two days before she was to return to work on the American Idol set. No comment has been given except to simply say she was leaving the show. In the meantime, guest judges will take over including Victoria “Posh” Spice, Neil Patrick Harris and many others.

Other reports declared that there was never any contract extended to Paula after her contract ended at the conclusion of the eighth season.

Reps from the FOX family have stated Paula was an important part of the American Idol family and will be greatly missed.


  1. I just love Paula.she is too hot and talented.American Idol without Paula is unthinkable.She and Simon are perfect entertainment combo – the bickering, the making up. I wish her good luck in what ever she does.


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