britney spearsSo, at a recent Britney Spears concert some of her fans were escorted out of the venue at Madison Square Garden for being too provocative. Isn’t that like not allowing people to eat meat at a farm? Or like telling a child they can’t eat candy on Halloween?

It was recently, on Tuesday August 25, 2009 at Britney’s concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City several of the concert-goers were escorted out of the concert for dancing too provocatively.

Apparently some concert-goers complained to stadium event staff and the security guards had no choice but to escort the accused out of the concert.

The irony is that during the song in which the accused were escorted out, ‘Get Naked’, Britney was gyrating half naked on the stage. So what were the complainers thinking when they ‘ratted’ on concert-goers for what they termed ‘offensive’ actions when they were at a Britney Spears concert?

The accused were not reimbursed the price of their concert tickets and event staff or reps for the Madison Square Garden have not yet returned phone calls.


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