Jennifer Aniston and NormanLet’s get past the Paris Hilton’s and Hilary Duff’s with the trendy little designer dogs that can fit in their Gucci or Prada purses. Let’s start looking at the celebs with the ‘real’ dogs; the Labs and the Boxers and the Australian Cattle Dogs.

Let’s take a look at the celebs that adopt their canine companions from the local shelter and promote rescue instead of spending thousands of dollars from some backyard designer breeder to have the trendiest and up-to-date dog breed available.

All of the below celebs adopted their dogs from an animal shelter and have not supported breeders or backyard puppy mills. Kudos to you guys!

1. Alicia Silverstone and Samson

While filming a movie animal lover and extreme animal activist Alicia noticed a stray dog and immediately took him under her wing. It is rumored that Alicia and Samson go everywhere together. Samson is a mix comprised of Doberman, Rottweiler and Pit Bull.

2. Jennifer Aniston and Norman

Another adoptee from a celeb is Aniston’s mix Norman. Supposedly Aniston and Pitt adopted Norman when they were together and Jennifer got Norman in the divorce. Jen is the doting dog-mother and takes Norman to her movie sets, will not allow him to be chained up, and only feeds Norman organic people food.

3. Jake Gyllenhaal and Atticus

While he was still with ex-girlfriend Kirsten Dunst, Gyllenhaal adopted Atticus, a German Shepherd mix from the Los Angeles animal shelter New Leash on Life. In the break-up Gyllenhaal got custody of Atticus however Dunst retained ‘visitation rights’. Atticus is actually named Atticus Finch after the character and hero of To Kill a Mockingbird.

4. Ben Affleck and Martha Stewart

Ben Affleck reportedly wanted dogs ever since he was a young boy when his mother told him he wasn’t responsible enough. Ben and Jennifer Garner together adopted several dogs from animal shelters as well as they have Martha Stewart, a Labrador mix.

5. Matthew McConaughey and Foxy

Matthew McConaughey’s red heeler mix (also known as an Australian Cattle Dog) has to be one of the cutest of all celebrity canine companions. In addition, red heelers are actually a pretty obscure type of Australian Cattle Dog. The more common version is the blue heeler. Foxy is Matthew’s running mate, beach companion and chick magnet.



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