Rachel ZoeWe have been hearing her name for years. We have wondered what she did and who she was.

We’ve wondered if her name was pronounced zoe-y rhyming with chloe or zoe rhyming with toe. Then we started to see her on celebrity gossip sites and celebrity gossip programs on TV.

After awhile we started to get really interested in her. And now, we can’t get enough of her. We want to know everything about her, we wonder how her husband and Taylor can stand her, and we wonder if she ever sleeps. So what is it about Rachel Zoe that we can’t get enough of? Why are we addicted to Rachel Zoe and her show?

1. Rachel Zoe is a strong and independent woman who single-handedly made herself who she is today. She was not handed the business, she worked her way to the top. In addition, she jet-sets from Los Angeles to New York in a day and wakes up before 5 am. In fact she not only wakes before 5 am, she has 300 emails answered and 40 phone calls returned by 5 am.

2. She lets Taylor talk back to her and say pretty much anything she wants to. If you are like me you absolutely adore Taylor and in fact are ‘Team Taylor’ however it’s great that Taylor is so appreciated by Rachel that she can say what she wants to her. Anyone who saw the ‘move the desk downstairs from the loft’ episode knows what I am talking about.

3. Rachel wears the pants in her marriage. Enough said. No seriously, Rachel wears the pants, she tells her husband how it is, she makes the money and she tells her husband, as she is walking out the door in the morning, ‘Don’t know if I will be home for dinner honey.” And then leaves him looking forlorn.

4. Her first client and the celebrity responsible for giving Rachel her break was Nicole Richie who showed up to their consultation in a sweat suit and ‘I love LA’ baseball cap.

5. She dresses Cameron Diaz, Anne Hathaway, Keira Knightly, Kate Beckinsale, Lindsay Lohan and Mischa Barton. She knows exactly what she wants her clients to wear. In fact when she is at fashion show in Paris or wherever, when a model walks down the runway in a dress Rachel is able to picture one of her clients in said dress.


  1. I really love Rachel!I love Rachel’s Hippie-Chic Style! I have never seen Zoe’s show,but would like to watch it. she’s a real genius for styling!Great post.


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