Michael JacksonThursday night September 3, 2009 the King of Pop, Michael Jackson was laid to rest in a ceremony in which he was entombed while his mother Katherine and daughter Paris, wept.

As daughter Paris entered the mausoleum she wept uncontrollably and Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine apparently so overcome with sorrow and grief, turned around after stepping into the mausoleum which would also be her son’s final resting place.

More than 200 family members and close friends attended the service which was delayed by more than an hour due to his family being late at Forest Lawn Glendale.

The ceremony was attended by celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Gladys Knight and the Reverend Al Sharpton who spoke at the ceremony.

Jackson’s brothers were all donned in black suits, red ties and red kerchiefs in the breast pocket. Jackson’s five brothers Randy, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon also all donned the silver glove that Michael Jackson, King of Pop, was so well known and adored for.

Sources say the entire ceremony was adorned with a sea of white flowers and very much resembled the lavish public ceremonial and memorial that took place just days after his death, in June.


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