kathy griffinToo bad we didn’t have access to the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles this past week. Recently at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, comedienne Kathy Griffin slammed Kate Gosselin in a prank.

Griffin walked around the pool for the day dressed as Gosselin. Apparently onlookers really thought it was Kate Gosselin.

Griffin styled her hair with the infamous reverse-mullet that Kate Gosselin is so well known for. Griffin also in a mean gesture (and very extremely funny gesture!) drew cesarean scars all over her lower abdomen to remind people that Kate Gosselin is a mother of numerous multiple births.

Griffin was taping for an upcoming skit which will be aired on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. Also in the skit was a dead ringer for Jon Gosselin, who played the passive ex-husband of Kate Gosselin in the Jimmy Kimmel Live skit and George Takei, former Star Trek original fleet member.

Kathy Griffin is known for her pranks and imitating of celebrities including Paris Hilton and many others. She is never serious in her pranks, never malicious she just wants to get a good laugh from her audiences around the world. And she does!



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