megan foxShe made her debut in ‘Transformers’ and there is no doubt Megan Fox has men fantasizing and women well, fantasizing. So what is going on lately with some medium calling her sleazy and skanky?

Actually what happened was a strip club in Milwaukee Wisconsin illegally used her picture and image from her cover on a recent Maxim issue. The club obviously didn’t get permission to use the image and Maxim reps are on the attack.

In the image Megan is very scantily clad in a gold-lame mini skirt and completely open cleavage-enhancing and leaves-no-room for the imagination getup. Don’t get me wrong, Megan Fox looks hot and she has the body so why not flaunt it? And without a doubt it was inappropriate not to mention illegal for the strip club to steal her image.

The only difference between the cover of Maxim image and the image on the strip club flyer was the club flipped the image from the left side to the right side. The flyer promoted the club as ‘spinning the hottest tracks in hip hop, mash up and high energy dance’.


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