kate gosselinWhether you are Team Jon or Team Kate you have an opinion about their thirst for the spotlight and their disregard for privacy once they agreed to be thrown into the public eye with their very popular and very public reality TV show, ‘Jon & Kate Plus Eight’.

Recently at a Cleveland Women’s Show, Kate Gosselin proclaimed she felt she has lost a lot of control and that she didn’t want fans or anyone else gawking.

Some of us find this rather difficult to believe. We find this difficult to believe because Gosselin is as attracted to the media, the cameras and the spotlight as any other celebrity out there. Gosselin also reportedly told the women’s group she wants to go back to her regular life and to being a regular mom.

Really, Kate? After proclaiming she didn’t like her current celebrity status life, Kate Gosselin returned to her hotel in her limo escorted by her handsome and rumored-to-be-her lover bodyguard, Steve Neild.


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