sheryl crowIt seems recently there have been entirely too many deaths due to cancer in Hollywood; the most recent of these cancer deaths being the loss of Patrick Swayze, who suffered pancreatic cancer, who passed in September.

Swayze fought pancreatic cancer long and hard for several years and attributed his courage and years of life after his diagnosis to his soul mate and pillar of strength, his wife of 32 years, Lisa. The nation mourned the loss of Swayze who will be most well known to a generation as the one who said ‘no body puts baby in the corner’.

Farrah Fawcett was a sexual icon of the 1970s and was adored every year since. Just recently in August of 2009 Farrah lost her year-long battle with anal cancer.

Just a year and a half after losing her husband, Christopher Reeve, and a year after losing her mother Helen to ovarian cancer, Dana Reeve discovered she was ill with lung cancer. Ironically Reeve had never smoked a day in her life.

Sharon Osborne is the rash and abrasive and very loyal wife of heavy metal rocker Ozzy Osbourne. At the age of 49 Sharon was diagnosed with colon cancer. She opted to have nearly a foot of her colon removed. Shortly thereafter doctors notified Sharon that two of the lymph nodes removed during the surgery had tested positive for cancer cells which meant the cancer had spread. After chemotherapy treatments and a positive attitude Sharon says her prognosis is very good.

Angelina Jolie lost her mother in 2007 to a nearly 8 year battle with cancer.

Only three weeks after losing longtime boyfriend Lance Armstrong to a break-up, singer and songwriter Sheryl Crow was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Another extremely well-respected singer and songwriter, Melissa Etheridge also found herself fighting breast cancer at the age of 43. Most shocked by the fact that there were no histories of breast cancer in her family. Melissa Etheridge opted for a lumpectomy in place of another common choice; a mastectomy.

Suzanne Somers was faced with breast cancer and chose a very unorthodox treatment plan. Sommers treated her breast cancer through alternative medicine.

Peter Jennings was one of the most well-respected anchors and news reporters of our time. Sadly, shortly after 9/11 he was diagnosed with lung cancer and died shortly thereafter in 2005.


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