michelle obama

  1. Kate Winslet: From frumpy and untrendy to classically stylish. Forget the old Kate Winslet from the 90s who dressed frumpy just after her Titanic days. This new and improved Kate Winslet has been turning heads and turning designers around in awe at her classically stylish ways. Kate dresses to show off her curves, and not hide them. Kate dresses somewhat like Jennifer Lopez but she is much classier about her fashion decisions. Kate has been called ‘utterly elegant’ and fawned over by stylist Freddie Leiba.
  2. First lady Michelle Obama is the epitome of grace and class. While she doesn’t consider herself a fashionista the first lady certainly carries herself like she is a fashionista. She has developed a signature style by wearing sleeveless sheaths and mixed everything from Gap clothing to Narciso Rodriquez.
  3. For a teen pop country music star Taylor Swift definitely has developed her own style especially on the red carpet. Taylor’s style is simmering frocks and dazzling glitter yet in an appropriate and classic way. As country music’s reigning princess we suppose it is only fitting that she glitters while on the red carpet.


  1. Good to see Kate Winslet on #1.I’m a great fan of her! i liked her role in Titanic very much,she was outstanding!i like the way she dresses!Her fashion sense is amazing!


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