ashlee simpsonIt turns out Ashlee Simpson-Wentz may be more passionate about an acting career on the come-back series Melrose Place.  Simpson-Wentz admits to never having watched the ‘old’ Melrose Place but is excited for the new series Melrose Place, and intrigued by her character in the new Melrose Place which started Tuesday.

Simpson-Wentz plays Violet who was not a character on the original Melrose Place. Apparently this character has a ‘dark side’ according to Ashlee. Violet grew up in foster homes and because of this she is constantly seeking love and acceptance from those around her. Ashlee says the apartment complex used in the new Melrose Place is a new complex with similarities to the apartment complex in the original Melrose Place.

Simpson-Wentz also says she sincerely hopes the infamous villain from the original series of Melrose Place, Heather Locklear.

Ashlee confirmed in an interview with a national morning news anchor this past week that she is indeed putting her singing career on hold indefinitely. She really wants to concentrate on this acting thing.

Might it have something to do with the fact that she is a new mama and wants more time at home with Shiloh and husband Pete?


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