lady gagaNo matter how surprising this may seem after the whole media was ragging about the singer’s supposing well endowed…lower parts, the German version of FHM magazine invited Lady Gaga to pose in a very sexy innocent vs. bad girl position and put her on the cover wearing nothing else but a black leather swimsuit leaving very little room for imagination concerning certain body parts.

After this, the media that rejoiced at the news of her supposed masculinity was very quick to underline that this was just another drastic marketing act she is so famous for, meant to bring her into public’s attention.

Obsessed with fashion and everything else implying VIP conduct, lady Gaga proclaimed herself addicted to fame. Her clothing style is the proof of complete liberty in outfit choice. Nothing is forbidden in her style so everyone expects her to create a fashion brand to represent her.

She is into Manga and origami and the very famous hair ribbon she wears has become a craved item for many hair styles.

She is out to shock, impress and stand out and her entire style evolves around leaving a memorable impression for the public that adores her.

That is why the news questioning her sexuality should not come as a surprise. In the end, although she keeps on repeating she is not the new Madonna; the behavior resembles a lot with the one of the diva she is compared to.


  1. Thats so true about the lady gaga is a lady if you think she is a man then i know your not your fan. If u this she is a lady then your her fan. Theres no way she can be a man. Just look at her kid pictures and then you see that the is a women. Go to my website called

    -clarice pulido


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