penelope cruzOne of the most exotic feminine presences on the wide screen is Penelope Cruz, the Spanish actress that brings the Latino charm in the middle of the modern world of Hollywood.

The beautiful actress conquers by simplicity and sensuality and impresses by the impossible to equal talent. With the face of a princess from long past times and the body of a mermaid, Penelope Cruz is a model of delicacy and elegance beyond accessories, above the art of make-up, and far from the need of standing out.

The Spanish diva represents a long expected change in the scenery of Hollywood movie actresses. Her wish is not to sock, or leave people speechless of amazement but to bring before the public a refreshing, natural presence and to generate a benevolent smile from anyone who sees her.

Taking advantage of one of her main qualities –that of being natural- the actress is not using elaborate make up or an extravagant clothing style to conquer. She is simply being herself, a woman like any other, living a responsible life.

A nude make up, eyeliner and lip gloss, a fire red dress, the hair let down to overflow on her back, a subtle perfume and elegant, gazelle like, movements; these are creating the Penelope Cruz pattern, a image that has conquered many men from the showbiz and anywhere else.

Her example can be followed easily in order for any woman to feel like a goddess … no wonder L’Oreal chose her for a hair beauty campaign.


  1. She’s a gorgeous woman, great actress & wonderful presence.i love her and her style.The girl knows her stuff and on top of that she’s intelligent and talented. Go Girl!


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