laura linneyLaura Linney is taking on an offbeat role as a cancer-stricken woman in a new television series on cable network Showtime.

Linney, who was nominated for Oscar for her role in “The Savages“, will also executive produce in the program,  titled “The C Word“, which is a half-hour comedy show, said Showtime. An air date has not yet been set.

That itself is enough to probably stir up some controversy. Not that the focus will be on cancer, but the show is supposed to be a comedy. Playing a housewife and mother, Laura Linney’s character will explore the ups and downs of this very situation she finds herself in.

“I am very excited to tackle such potentially rich, funny and complicated material,” Linney said in a statement.

Source: Reuters


  1. I love Laura Linney and she’s one of the actress i always enjoy watching.When is this show going to air?i can’t wait to watch this show.

  2. Just got back, did any of you guys watch much of the Olympics? I’m glad that it went off without any major incidents like in other years. Now for the Summer Games! – Sue


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