Kourtney KardashianSo now that Kourtney Kardashian has gone and gotten herself pregnant by on-again and off-again boyfriend Scott Disick it looks like she is going to stay with him for awhile. Big sis to Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian has trapped her guy but is it worth it?

For anyone who has watched episodes of the extremely popular ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ reality show, you know Scott has gone as far as to tell Kourtney the girl sleeping next to him in bed is ‘like a little sister to me’.

Throughout the seasons of ‘Keeping up…’ we saw when Kourtney and Scott first started dating and we saw Chris Jenner, Kourtney’s mom, talk to Scott and realize he is young and not in the mood for a monogamous relationship. One would think that would change when you have the gorgeous Kourtney K on your arm but, we’ve known Scott isn’t too bright since the beginning.

Throughout the seasons Kourtney has caught playboy Scott lying about girls, she and her sisters found text messages to and from a girl he referred to as ‘my wife’ in his phone and Kourtney has literally talked to Scott on the phone when a girl was lying next to him in bed and he claimed she was just a friend.

And yet Kourtney just keeps taking him back.

Sisters Kim and Khloe have been very verbal about their discontent in regards to Kourtney taking him back time after time. The downfall was when Kourtney and Khloe moved to Miami and Kourtney went on her first date (with a guy, as Kourtney also hooked up with a girl on the show). After returning home from the date Kourtney confessed to a shocked and terrified Khloe that the date only made her miss Scott more and that she was going to call him.

You have to wonder if the pregnancy was intentional. I mean, she forgot her pill, yet she has options. She forgot her pill? Kourtney has told reporters she both considered terminating the pregnancy and discovered she had forgotten to take a pill which led to the pregnancy.

The public can make their own conclusions as to whether Kourtney innocently forgot her pill. Regardless, it is a shame and we all will agree Kourtney is now stuck with a playboy for a baby daddy.


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