anistonA source reports US Magazine that Jennifer Aniston, a 40 year old actress, wont date normal guy.

She goes after hottest thing of the moment and what she knows will get her the most time in spot light.

Jennifer Aniston has spotted out on date with co-star, Gerard Butler. Friends of Aniston says that she pursues only those guys who keep her as high profile.

Aniston is currently working on The Bounty Hunter project with Gerard Butler, Who starred in The Ugly Truth, which earned $27 million in its opening weekend.

Before that she pursued Bradley Cooper, who starred in The Hangover, which earned more than $400 million.


  1. I don’t believe this story.Leave her alone.Jennifer is my her so much!! I think she is A list celebrity with or without a boyfriend.Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Aniston makes a very nice couple.


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