Michael Jackson 1Reports have stated that the funeral and cemetery burial for deceased pop idol Michael Jackson will cost nearly $150,000. Originally the Jackson family had intended a service and burial costing around $50,000 however when they changed the day to a weekday the cost to hire police and security tripled.

Of the original price of the funeral and burial, 90% or $45,000 would have gone to police, security and perimeter control all handling crowd control and issues accompanying street closures.

Regarding the actually cemetery, it has been made apparent by police and Sergeant Tom Lorenz that it will be completely inaccessible by land and air. There will be helicopters for security purposes in the air above the cemetery as well as forming a perimeter in the air around the cemetery and funeral venues.

There were rumors circulating for awhile that Jackson’s body was going to be cremated however that does not seem to be the case.

The funeral, originally scheduled immediately after the third autopsy was performed per Mrs. Katherine Jackson’s wishes, has now been postponed until September 3, 2009 at which time the family and supporters will finally be able to put this pop icon and legend to rest.


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