spielbergThe fans of the Halo game have a good reason to rejoice. They found someone to finally adapt the very famous video game for the wide screen.

Peter Jackson, the movie director that attempted to direct Halo in 2006 gave up the project and it was definitively postponed because of the numerous creative conflicts which appeared before the production was started.

Steven Spielberg, the sacred monster of action Sci-Fi genre, will be the one taking on the chance to produce and adapt for cinematography one of the most loved video game saga of the world.

After directing Transformers it seems that Spielberg had landed another very promising franchise.

According to Steven Spielberg’s declarations, the famous director appeared very enthusiastic about this project especially after he read the script written by Stuart Beatie.

Apparently the movie will be filled with special effects, many creatures created on the computer, and that will make the filming process very easy, the movie being done on a very low budget for such a production.

For the Halo fans, that have been playing the game for so many years, the movie will be a prequel, which will answer the questions asked in the begging of the game series.

For the other members of the cinema loving public, the movie will bring loads of action, and a very well written introduction story of a future age, 500 years from now.

Halo is a video game, created exclusively for Xbox console. The hero is fighting to protect the mankind against an alien complot. The last version of the game “Halo 3” registered in the day of the launch over 170 million dollars, the largest amount ever cashed for a home entertaining product in the first day of the release.


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