Hugh DeborahIn life there are couples that stand out in the street uneven as aspect and age and are found odd because the society makes us believe that the appearance and age difference is wrong.

There is a couple with a history of 12 years of marriage spent together in Hollywood – the jungle of marriages – that seems to stand out by the obvious differences between them , but also by their love and mutual respect.

He is Hugh Jackman, according to People magazine the sexiest man alive, former Wolverine and Van Helsing, sex symbol by any means possible, the dream of any woman breathing. The killer smile and the amazing talent transformed him into a Hollywood icon.

The actor can be seen spending every second of spare time with his family concentrating over the education of his two children.

Deborah-Lee Furness, his wife, 13 years older than him, is the woman that fascinates Hugh, the one keeping him in love in spite of all the possible temptations.

There are other couples with the same age difference (Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore) but Deborah has not done any esthetic surgery and the age difference between her and Hugh is obvious.

In spite of the sadness of not being able to have biological children and of the hell of adoption process that resulted in the adoption of Ava (3) and Oscar (8) the couple is going stronger every day.

They are a live example how much two people can love each other.


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