jennifer lopezGranted, Jennifer Aniston has her own personal trainer as do Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Garner and Hayden Panettiere so it’s really not fair to expect the same results as the celebrities from your fitness regime. Or is it? What exactly are the secrets to the celebrities’ fitness regimes, other than personal trainers and thousands of dollars spent every month on personal training?

1. According to trainers to the stars it all starts with confidence. You MUST approach fitness and your body with confidence. Love who you are and love your body whether you are a size 6 or a size 16. Think of Tyra Banks’s “SO WHAT!” campaign, think of how she came clean to millions of adoring fans by letting us know that she too has cellulite, and she too has bloated days.

2. Once you’ve established that you need confidence to be successful in any sort of training or fitness regime it is important to mix things up. Sources say that Penelope Cruz is not a fan of the monotony of gym workouts and instead opts for outdoor activities and ways to mix things up.

Consider walking your dogs or a friend’s dog outside. Consider playing soccer or even taking a dancing class. If you are an avid golfer or enjoy swimming those are fantastic ways to keep in shape and do what you love at the same time. There are ways to keep your attention span interested and not get bored with fitness.

3. Pick a celeb that has a body part you admire and want to strive for. For example, Jennifer Garner’s arms or Cameron Diaz’s legs. Then find out what it is that celebrity does to keep their body in shape.

I admire Jennifer Garner’s arms so I researched what it is in her fitness regime that she does for those toned arms. Turns out, Garner does lunges with barbells and shoulder presses to get those arms.

4. Get a workout buddy! I’ve discovered that while the average mortal cannot afford a personal trainer to be at their house every morning for yoga and muffins we can however take a friend into being our workout buddy.

Find someone you have in common with a friend and even if it’s once a week take advantage of that. Find a friend who likes boxing and join a boxing class or a friend who is into boot camp and find a boot camp class at your local recreation center.


  1. Jennifer Lopez has a great body! she looks stunning! I’ll follow all those celebrity fitness regimens!thanks for such great information..


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