Cheryl ColeLooking for a look that’s unforgettable? You may want to take some tips from Cheryl Cole as a recent vote in the US reported she is the best dressed women of the year and a style icon for this decade, which is of course no small feat.

Part of the reason why women want Cheryl Cole’s hair so much may be because Cole is always perfectly groomed from her hair and makeup down to her fingertips; it seems no matter where she is spotted or what the Geordie songstress is up to.

In fact, Cheryl Cole was recently named the Best Dressed Woman in the 2009 annual Glamour list beating out even models such as Kate Moss for the top spot.

Additionally, she was named the best dressed by Tatler in 2009 as well when she beat out more stiff competition from Claudia Schiffer and Natalie Portman.

The good news for women however, is that now there is a way to capture the perfect long sought after Cheryl Cole look thanks to a new interactive hair salon that was launched online to help females copy the look down to the strands.

With the aid of stylists from Trevor Sorbie salons, Travelodge lists the five easy steps that can help any woman replicate the stunning look of Cheryl Cole from their hotel rooms in just a few minutes.

According to stylist Kate Wingrove of Trevor Sorbie, one nice thing about the hairstyle is that it is easy to recreate and looks great on all face shapes and woman of every age group.

The study by Travelodge reports that outside of Cheryl Cole who tops the list, the top other four celebrity hairstyles that woman in the US want to model the most in the following order are from: Jennifer Anniston, Eva Longoria, Victoria Beckham, and Kate Moss.


  1. I really like it thinking of getting Cheryl coles’s’s simply stunning!Her hair looks absolutely amazing and so does her makeup.


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