Lindsay and Samantha – are they together or are they separated? Depending on your source and the day of the week they could be either together or apart.

Most recent reports which occurred within days of each other were that Linds and Sam Ronson called upon a lock smith the other night because they locked themselves out of Sam’s house.

However just days later it is reported that Linds was sitting outside Sam’s house waiting for her to get home in the middle of the night. And when Sam did finally get home at 5am apparently quite the scene ensued.

It is no secret that Lindsay and Samantha have had a tumultuous and very off-again-on-again relationship for at least the past year and a half. Not to mention how shocked the public was when Lindsay first came out as having a relationship with the female DJ.

Apart from the surprise of the relationship many fans wonder if dating a DJ and being in a nightclub night after night is the best thing for someone who should be recovering from an alcohol addiction. Nevertheless, as of today Linds and Sam Ronson are once again together but as for tomorrow, we will see.


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