britney spearsBritney Spears received some valuable advice from the King of Pop, Michael Jackson shortly before he departed for the great rock show in the sky.

He called her and told her that she should focus on family life and reportedly told her “Don’t end up like me”. Considering how he ended up, that is positively eerie!

According to one source, claiming to be a close aide of Britney, who spoke to British magazine Look “I think Michael’s warning sent shivers down Britney’s spine.

He was emphatic in warning her she should leave show business in order to maintain her sanity. He thought she should retire after the ‘Circus’ tour so she could focus on the things that mattered – her sons and family. Britney must have taken Michael’s words to heart as she promised him she would at least take a long break after she finished the tour.”

Britney, who had previously performed with the pop legend, was ‘devastated’ at the passing of someone who had been an inspiration to her throughout her entire life and the two used to keep in touch. Now it would seem that she is planning to pay heed to the words of wisdom and will now be taking a long break once her current tour is over.


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