lindsay and SamanthaHollywood’s favorite troubled brat turned 23 years old on July 2nd and guess who celebrated along with her? Ex girlfriend Samantha Ronson! Now rumors about are – they – aren’t – they abound and disapproving daddy (Michael Lohan) is probably not best pleased.

Lohan and Ronson were seen in matching ripped jeans and regulation shades, the former couple was seen taking a pizza and pasta take out.

By all accounts Lohan seemed “very happy” and “relaxed like she was enjoying her birthday”.  Later it was time spent at a salon followed by dinner with friends and balloons.

According to her tweet on twitter, Lindsay was having the “best bday ever with family, friends. But I miss my sister and baby brother Cody and my mommy and nana.”

And a lot of tweeting in Lohan’s life these days: according to her it is her Irish roots that causes the on and off kind of relationship between Ronson and her. Well on and off for two years now.

Ronson’s tweet said, “Sometimes when I watch old movies I think it would nice to live in another era-then I remember I’m Jewish, it  probably would have sucked.”

And Lohan’s tweet in response said, “I know…and me being Irish I don’t think we could have worked out”.

Star crossed lovers? Juliet and Juliet? Sigh! (Shed tears)


  1. Great to see Lindsay and Samantha together on her them i hope she had a great birthday. can’t believe Lindsay is only 23.


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