avril lavignePunk Princess Avril Lavigne is known as a songwriter, fashion designer and actress in that order. And it is the second job description that seems to be receiving the most attention at this time.

Her back to school collection, the Abbey Dawn collection launched a year back, got a good enough reception that she decided to go a step further with her new collection which extends the line to include designs for younger girls as well.

Abbey Dawn retailer Kohl describes the line as a “junior’s lifestyle brand” and the line includes apparel and jewelry with skull and zebra patterns.

Remember The Best Damn Thing (her third album)? Now we’re talking layered tees with ‘friendly’ skull graphics (grinning ghouls? Um, OK), cozy leggings and more such.

Lavinge claims to really like the stuff and wishes she could fit into some of it. Presumably she wants to be seen in a “really cute zebra hoodie with ears.”

And there’s more: she also launches a new fragrance called Black Star along with Proctor & Gamble. “It’s really me in a bottle,” she claims.

As for the rocker’s singing career, that’s on course too, in her interview with Elle she said that her next album would be coming out later this year; by November or so.



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