Ashley TisdaleHer platinum white hair is now replaced with silky smooth dark brown locks. However, the new look doesn’t stop young girls from recognizing “High School Musical” star Ashley Tisdale at restaurants and shopping malls, asking for autograph.

The fantastic role of Ashley Tisdale as Sharp Evans, who never stop at any point to get what she wants in Disney’s “High School Musical”, given her a huge following and completely altered Ashely’s life forever.

The 24-year-old actress is now planning to expand her career in new projects, including her role in movie “Aliens in the Attic,” which debuts in US theaters on Friday.

Tisdale continues to work in TV where “HSM” was a huge hit on the Disney Channel before becoming a movie, and she is even producing. Her singing has landed the actress a chart-topping recording career, and her second studio album, “Guilty Pleasures,” comes out this week.

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