ashley olsenOne half of the seriously cute twin combine is apparently so into fashion and design, that Ashley Olsen has announced that her career in the entertainment industry is in the past.

“I’m not an actress. I’m not a public figure or acting as one,” she reportedly said. Hedging her bets though she clarifies, “never say never”.

It is the fashion industry that will assume center stage for the adorable actress at least for now.

“I used to be in the entertainment industry. And now I feel passionate about the fashion industry. I understand what it takes to make a brand and to have an eye for product that sells. I don’t have the time to step away for a month. I hold myself accountable every day,” she reportedly said.

Many will testify to having been long standing fans of Full House, the sitcom that basically made the Olsen twins household names but as for an acting career after that? Who? What? Most would be hard pressed to recall recent film that made that much of an impact. As for the general consensus on whether its fashion or acting she should concentrate on, the verdict seems to be: “Stick to fashion, you’re better at it…



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