The turbulence surrounding the up-and-down, on and off, ended, and starting again marriage between Sean Penn and his wife Robin Wright Penn took another sharp and unusual turn yesterday when Sean announced that he is taking a break from work and will not be appearing in two movies that he is already contracted for.

sean penn

Penn as stated that he will not be appearing in Cartel or the much anticipated, The Three Stooges. Following rumors circulating in the entertainment press, he made a public statement saying that he had indeed made it clear to producers of both movies that he would not be available to appear in them or any other projects for the foreseeable future.

Penn has had a long and illustrious career including a Best actor win at the Oscars last year for his performance in Milk. And the new Stooges was already being tipped as Oscar worthy before the cameras had even rolled.

The pair’s romance has been rocky to say the least, at the end of 2007 the couple jointly filed for divorce claiming they had irreconcilable differences. Just a week later both of them decided to withdraw the divorce petition, then a few days later Robin filed again for divorce on December 21, 2007.

Four months later the couple again removed the divorce proceedings from the courts. Two years later, in April this year they again filed for divorce and again withdrew them. Sean Penn says that his intentions behind scrapping the two movie projects is to concentrate on his wife and two teenage children and to finally get his marriage back on course.


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