Lindsay LohanPeople looked twice when they heard that respectable Ryan Seacrest, the host of Daily Soup on E! and more notably the host of American Idol was seen out and about holiday on June 8th with not so respectable wild child Lindsay Lohan who has starred in several films and is known for her crazy party antics that have earned her the title of ‘Firecrotch’ in the tabloids.

However, there is a more acceptable explanation for the pair dining together, one that includes a new reality TV show that is in the works which is not such as surprise considering Seacrest is the executive producer of many reality TV shows including NBC’s Momma’s Boys, MTV’s Bromance, and the eve so popular Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Seacrest confirmed the rumors himself on Twitter that he had met with Lindsay Lohan to tell her about an idea he had for a new reality show in which she would help other people get a second lease on life or a second shot at once in a lifetime opportunity.

Not much else is known about the potential production although Lindsay also tweeted that she was working on something she defined as “meaningful, like Extreme Home Makeover…

It has also been reported that Seacrest and Lohan were engaged in talks both at Lohan’s home and at Seacrest’s home discussing the upcoming show which sources claim is a reality show that will give people who have strayed off the beaten path into dangerous territory a million dollars and the chance to change their lives.

As of now, most of the reality show is still speculation however, as there has been no network confirmation of a contract or an upcoming production.


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