harry potterBloomsbury Publishing must be wishing that a sprinkling of Harry Potter magic would make their legal problems disappear.

Their incredible run of magic with the J.K. Rowling penned a series is at an end but their legal problems simply will not disappear.

The problems revolve around an unknown author by the name of Adrian Jacobs who is suing everybody involved with the books stating that they are based on his ideas and that Rowling used his “Adventures of Willy the Wizard” as the basis for not her first book but her fourth Potter novel Goblet of Fire, which also eventually became a film of the same name.

The publishers Bloomsbury have heavily rejected any accusation that Rowling used any part of Jacobs’ book in any way when writing the phenomenally successful Harry Potter series of books and movies.

The publishers and Rowling have said they will spare no expense defending themselves against the claims made by the estate of the late Mr Jacobs stating that not one of the claims has any legal or moral merit.

The case began back in 2004 and is now finally making its way through the High Court in London and will soon reach its legal climax as the judge decides if there is any truth to the claims that Rowling ripped off parts of the Goblet of Fire story in particular elements of the famous Triwizard Tournament.

It is unclear exactly when the case will be decided but rumors abound that there may be an early settlement in the air in order to make the Harry Potter creator’s problems disappear into legal thin air as early as possible.


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