Pop maestro Phil Spector, who had been charged with the second-degree murder of Lana Clarkson, has been sentenced to nineteen years to life. Clarkson, a former B-movie actress was shot in Spector’s residence six years ago.

phil spector

The 69 year old Specter displayed no emotions as his sentence was pronounced and now stands to spend the remainder of his life in prison.

Specter is noted in the music industry for his revolutionary “Wall of Sound” production technique, which made mini-symphonies out of pop songs during the 60’s. After two long trials and several million dollars spent arguing the case that Clarkson had committed suicide due to depression, Spector’s lawyers vowed to appeal the verdict.

Spector’s sentence includes a mandatory fifteen years of imprisonment along with an additional four years for the personal use of a firearm. The judge also imposed more than $25,000 in the form of restitution fees.

Rachel, Spector’s 28-year-old wife declared that a “grave injustice” had been done and that she would dedicate herself to proving the innocence of her husband. Spector’s son Louis on the other hand, expressed the feeling that “justice (had been) served”. It is interesting to note that Spector has already been on probation once in the 70’s for possessing and brandishing a firearm.

In recent years, Spector has been faced with a number of medical complications, including a vocal cord surgery. As a result, his lawyers have requested that he be transferred from the LA county jail to a state prison as soon as possible.

During his heyday in the 60’s, Spector was one of the leading music producers and worked with the Beatles on their album “Let it Be”. He also produced a string of hits, including “Be My Baby”, by the Ronette’s and the Righteous Brothers classic, “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling”.


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